Young people in Taiwan are more willing to work in the mainland China

According to Taiwan’s “China Times” report, the mainland launched 31 measures to gradually ferment on the island. According to Taiwan’s “Foresight” magazine survey, whether it is the recognition of the mainland’s friendliness or willingness to go to mainland China, the so-called “natural independence” young generation (18 to 29 years old) is the highest, and more than 70% do not believe the Taiwan authorities have Resilience.

Taiwanese young people visit the mainland for exchanges. (China Taiwan Network Information Map)
According to a report, the “Foresight” research and survey showed that after the mainland introduced 31 measures, judging from the ages, the ratio of “friendliness” in the mainland is down from the highest so-called “natural independence” generation. The larger the age, the lower the percentage. Strangely enough, the research on the “Foresight” 10 years ago revealed that young people (18 to 29 years old) believe that the “unfriendly” mainland is as high as 50.8% and has now dropped to 39.8%. The proportion of friendly people also increased from 35.5% to 40.8%, ranking first among all ages.

The investigation and analysis of the intentions of the Taiwanese public recently showed that the DPP authorities will face three major warnings. The first major warning is that 48.1% of the people in the pan-green community do not believe that the Taiwan authorities have the ability to respond to the problem, which is higher than the “green-people with confidence”.

The second biggest warning is that the youngest ethnic groups (18 to 29 years old) who most supported the DPP in the past not only thought that the mainland’s attitude toward Taiwan was the highest (40.8%), but also that the mainland’s willingness to go to the mainland accounted for almost 60% of the development. (59.6%). In addition, 66.7% of young people think that the 31 measures are helpful for stabilizing cross-strait relations, but 71.3% do not feel confident about the Taiwan authorities’ resilience and are above all averages (68.5%).

The third largest warning is that the highest density of the Taozhumiao area in the Taiwan Science Park and industrial area is that the mainland’s friendly attitude toward Taiwan (40.4%) and the willingness to go to mainland China (50.3%) are the second highest. However, 31 measures are considered to be the highest (61.4%) in stabilizing cross-strait relations, indicating that the region is more pragmatic and enjoys watching 31 measures.