Taiwan merchants in Shanghai Invest 1.6 Billion to Develop New Business Opportunity in Chongqing





Chongqing is the only municipality directly under the central government in the central and western regions. It is a well-known historical and cultural city with prominent geographical advantages and important strategic positions. It is the strategic fulcrum for the development of the western region, the “One Belt and One Road” and the important connecting points of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

In order to allow Taiwanese companies in Taiwan to further understand and participate in the “Belt and Road Initiative” and help Taiwanese-funded enterprises to transform, on March 28th, the delegation of Shanghai’s Taiwanese businessmen “Belt and Road” went to Chongqing to participate in the “new development of Chongqing. “Business Opportunity” as the theme of exchange visits. Li Wenhui, Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Shanghai, Li Wei, deputy inspector of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Taiwan, Ye Huide, honorary president of the Shanghai Association of Taiwan Affairs, and President Li Zhenghong of the Shanghai Association of Taiwan Affairs, and about 50 people joined the Shanghai-Taiwan businessmen to participate in the inspection activities.

Chongqing Municipal CPPCC Vice President Zhou Keqin, Deputy Secretary-General of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Li Qian, organized the Chongqing Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office, the Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Municipal Financial Office and the leaders of various districts and counties to hold symposiums with Shanghai delegations and conduct joint project signing ceremony. . The Shanghai Taiwan Affairs Office actively cooperated in the early stages to sort out the investment needs of Taiwanese businesspeople in Shanghai to lay a solid foundation for Shanghai-based Taiwan businessmen to invest in Chongqing. Shanghai-Taiwan Association, Fubon Huayi Bank, Shanghai Jifu Investment Business Co., Ltd., Kangcheng Investment (China) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Taiwan Federation of Franchise-affiliated Committees and other Taiwan-funded enterprises signed a memorandum of cooperation and investment intentions with related departments in Chongqing. The total investment amounted to RMB 1.6 billion. At the symposium, the Taiwanese businessmen in Shanghai raised questions about the investment environment, supporting policies, and intention projects. The Chongqing municipal leaders responded positively and answered questions one by one.

During the reception, Vice Chairman Zhou Keqin of Chongqing Municipal Committee stated that Chongqing’s location advantage is significant. From the strategic fulcrum of the development of the western region and the two-point strategy of the Belt and Road and the junction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Chongqing’s strategic position and development in western China can be seen. Due to the importance of the two places in Chongqing and the development of Chongqing, the company focused on two strategic positions and strived to fulfill the requirements of the highlands. Chongqing has a long history and rich cultural atmosphere. It also hopes that Chongqing’s financial inclusion will attract everyone to invest actively and will strive to create a more excellent business environment for Taiwanese business people.

Li Wenhui, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipality, stated that the development of Chongqing and Shanghai cannot be separated from the contribution made by Taiwan-funded enterprises. In recent years, the proportion of the structure of enterprises in Shanghai and Taiwan has been more optimized, gradually shifting from manufacturing to service, and Taiwan-funded The number of corporate headquarters continues to increase, and the proportion of financial contributions to the financial and other industries is also increasing. With the development of the mainland economy, the development of Taiwan-funded enterprises is also more convenient and rapid, and the active capital market also provides good protection for the development of Taiwan-funded enterprises in the mainland. It is believed that the Chongqing government’s support and encouragement for the development of Taiwan-funded enterprises has also strengthened the confidence and determination of Taiwanese-funded enterprises to develop. It is hoped that Taiwanese businessmen will be able to communicate through this visit, increase investment, promote the development of enterprises, and jointly promote the development of Taiwan and Shanghai. Economic and trade cooperation and exchanges.

Li Jingying, member of the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, visited the delegation and met cordially with the Director of Shanghai Taiwan Affairs Office Li Wenhui and representatives of some Taiwanese businessmen. Li Jing welcomed the delegation from Shanghai and hoped that through this trip, he could better understand Chongqing, work together, and develop together.