Students of Taiwan Practical University go to Suzhou and stay at 80%

“Is it true that the mainland can go without a wallet and a credit card?” “Can the mainland really use mobile phones to pay for anything?” “Kunshan is very much like Taiwan and there are Mazu temples?” On the 1st, nine college students from Taiwan’s practice university were excited Discuss the mainland they have heard about. Next, they will carry out five-month internships in enterprises in Suzhou.

According to Zhang Hongsheng, the university’s dean of practice, this is the second year of practical university students’ practice in Suzhou. One of the first 10 internships last year was successfully signed and stayed in Suzhou. The remaining students also had the intention of coming to work in the mainland in the future.

Zhang Hongsheng said that many job markets in Taiwan are now approaching saturation. “The mainland has a vast space for development and many opportunities. Taiwan schools have a need for internships, and mainland companies can get excellent cadres and absorb some of Taiwan’s advanced experience, which can be said to be a win-win situation. Among the Taiwanese students who have applied for internships on the mainland, the overall corporate retention rate is as high as 80%.”

Qiu Tingyi is the team leader of nine people. Although she shoulders the responsibility of “leadership,” she can’t help but be guilty of internships on the mainland. She is holding on to the Taiwanese businesspeople who come to meet and ask questions. “In order to come to the mainland for internships, we also tried to make some efforts. We finally came from over 500 people and came here. There is no useless experience in life. I believe that the next internship on the mainland will allow me to stay valuable. Experience.”

“Last year, an intern told me that my father was worried that she was not used to living on the mainland and she had cried at the airport. After learning about her children’s experiences and gains on the mainland, every time I went home, my father smiled.” Director Yang Jun introduced that at present there are more than 11,000 Taiwan-funded enterprises in Suzhou City. The industrial chain of Taiwan-funded enterprises is complete. Apart from the manufacturing industry, service industries, and even agricultural enterprises, there is ample room for employment for Taiwanese students.

In Yang Jun’s view, the arrival of Taiwan’s young students has promoted cross-strait exchanges in terms of ideas and ways of doing things, and has given Taiwan’s students an opportunity to intuitively understand the development of the mainland. “The day before yesterday, Suzhou City issued the “Measures for the Implementation of Provident Housing Provident Funds for the Employment of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Staff and Workers in the Soviet Union.” Taiwan compatriots who are employed in Suzhou can pay deposits and use the housing provident fund in accordance with regulations to achieve the same treatment as local employees. Yesterday Twenty-nine departments including the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council issued and implemented 31 measures for Taiwan and Taiwan to provide Taiwanese companies and Taiwan compatriots with the same treatment as mainland companies and residents. These livelihood and employment policies have helped Taiwan youth to live and work in the mainland in the future.”