Cross-strait celebrities talk about social innovation and sharing “cross-border and brand new thinking”

“Value from the perspective of the user”

In the past, the brand was centered on “products” and now has been upgraded to “consumer” as the center. In order to comprehend the new thinking of the brand, we especially invited Mr. Zhou Zheng, who has rich experience from Taiwan, to share “cross-border and brand new”. thinking”

Mr. Zhou Zheng mentioned that the information channel is actually the medium. Whether it is the television broadcast newspaper in the past or the current Internet, and the commodity channel is actually the channel, whether it is offline stores or e-commerce, direct operation or distributors, needs and products. In the absence of problems, the more accurate the communication of information, the smoother the commodity access, and the higher the return on investment of marketing. If you use a higher input-output ratio to solve these two problems, then your marketing is efficient. , higher than the industry average, higher than the competition, then you will have stronger competitiveness. For the company’s two most important functions is innovation and marketing, innovation is more about product and value creation,

Marketing is about value delivery, which is the aforementioned information and commodity channels.

“The purpose of marketing is to find and meet requirements”

This sentence comes from the marketing guru Philip Kotler, successfully and clearly put the marketing department from the company’s “spokesman”, “planning department”, “propaganda department” role, into the role of product manager, here is about The concept of a large marketing department is all part of the company responsible for communicating with consumers, and marketing is moving from an edge department to the core of the corporate stage. Many times, it is unclear to prefer to spend on marketing for users. Excellent marketing never produces information junk and focuses on user experience and user interests.

Creativity is a new combination of old elements from the booklet “Generation of Creativity” written by advertising webmaster James Weber Young decades ago. It clearly describes the production process of creative workers in the advertising industry. It has not changed for decades. Over. Creativity largely depends on the creative person’s knowledge, experience and experience. But it is absolutely impossible for a creative person to tell you that his ideas are unconstrained and there is no trace to be found. Creativity is ever-changing, but the process of creating ideas, or the process of creation, is regular and work methods, except that Knowing these methods, good creative people still need a lot of time and deliberate practice.

Life is not winning at the starting point, nor winning at the finish, but winning at the turning point

Mr. Zhou Zheng mentioned that he had a restless soul and let him embark on the road to entrepreneurship. Everyone’s life, I do not know how many turning points will be encountered, as if walking a maze, the future is hazy and unpredictable; but The blessing is a curse that makes people unpredictable and difficult to know. Only with patience to do a good job and accumulate enough strength to take advantage of fleeting moments can we seize the fleeting opportunities.

Mr. Zhou Zheng himself is also the chairman of Shanghai Rotary Club’s service plan. He mentioned that there is no need to care about the benefits of doing big things, because “small profits are good, small profits are good; small and large profits are not big”.

The event was also honored to invite Mr. Nie Zhubing, CEO of Social Entrepreneurship Group 724, to be the development center of the Enpai Public Welfare Organization in the field of service. He shared with us the innovative companies that implement the venture venture in China and solve or improve the social issues in the business model. Discussions were held. Interviews with celebrities on both sides of the event site enabled the company to communicate more deeply and discussed new spark projects.

Through this interview with celebrities on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, entrepreneurs from the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and those who engage in community creation work can gain a deeper understanding of the significance of social innovation and the brand’s new thinking under the broader environment. They expect that there will be more good projects and good companies sharing in the future. Resolve and help social issues in the era and innovate so that they are worthy of cooperation.


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