Ye Zhen Ru:the infringement ofenterprise trademarks and how to do the trademark relief

March 15 — International Day for Protecting Consumers’ Rights

The trademark is the image of theenterprise and the intangible asset of the enterprise. It is necessary for the enterprise to become stronger and stronger, and to understand and protect the trademark.

On March 15, we invited Ye Zhen Ru of Hansen & Partners to talk about the infringement ofenterprise trademarks and how to do the trademark relief.

Left :Ye Zhen ru ; Right: Wu AnChi manager ofthe HEADZHONG)

Ye consultants from (1) understanding business logo   (2) the infringement of trademark rights cases   (3) the relief way   (4) complete and thorough damage compensation scope of four aspects, vivid cases of trademark infringement and relief are analyzed.

Participants from the scene can be seen many enterprises on the importance of the trademark is not very high, but through the Ye consultant’s vivid exposition, everyone sigh piece, the original trademark is such an important thing, after all, now the case of trademark infringement is not uncommon.

There are a variety of different behavior which might be viewed as infringe on the trademark rights. Take Paul Frank and counterfeit Paul Homme as an example, there are many stores on the market that use the same trademark as the registered trademark on the same product without the permission of the trademark registrant.



Although the March 15 International Consumer Rights Day has passed, the maintenance of rights and interests is still to be implemented every day.