HeadZhone CEO:Innovation and transformation of marketing mode under the Internet environment

Innovation and transformation of marketing mode under the Internet environment,the keynote speaker is Ms. Wu An CHI ,founder of HeadZhong.
The biggest change in new business in this era is that we must now build a model to sell a commodity rather than simply sell it. In order to allow the elements of the new era to be grafted and maximize the value of creation in the Internet environment, we invite Ms. Wu Anxi, founder of Hezhong.com, to share with you how innovation and change in marketing methods.
 Value from the perspective of the user

In the past, we only needed to find the product, and then we explained the value of this product clearly, set a good price, and then we could find a good channel to sell it, and the business would be able to do well, but now The environment has changed from the product center to the user center.

The Importance of Big Data Research Reports: Customer Insights

“What counts for most people in investing is not hoe much they know, but rather how realistically they define what they don’t know. An investor needs to do very few things right as long as he or she avoids big mistakes.”

Big data is the information you and I have provided. It is like our “copy person” and knows you better than us. The “copy person” knows exactly where you were a year ago, what you ate, and so on. The data can be said to open up the supervisory second pulse, can be opened up across the business, you can also open up across users, through big data research can reduce costs and increase value.
Through big data research, we can let everyone go the wrong way. Remember that O2O was a very popular model in 2016, but some experts later said that O2O is a kind of false proposition. Now many investors see that O2O projects are not too Willing to vote, I think the O2O model is not bad, but because many entrepreneurs believe that as long as they find a part of consumer demand, they can connect his O2O project, but in fact do not put the most basic consumer marketing Insights and thorough study of consumer behavior began blindly. At the end, most of the O2Os were not doing well.For example, on the scene, many office workers don’t want to eat outside after work and want to go home to cook and eat. So there is a company that finds the pain points of consumers. It’s late at work, and when you go to the supermarket and go home to cook, the whole cycle is very long and very tired. So the company thinks of semi-finished products for selling vegetables, including Mapo tofu, green pepper, and pork, and hundreds of other dishes. Make an app on the Internet so that everyone can buy semi-finished foods on this app.It really did catch our needs, but this kind of O2O that was set online to get offline did not do very well. Because it does not really see the pain points of consumers, is this a real demand or a pseudo demand?The first point we office workers sometimes do not work overtime regularly, or sometimes meet with classmates and friends. The second point is that after putting on the line, consumers only buy the same kind of food and do not buy a lot of kind of dishes, which cannot achieve a certain economy. In terms of scale, the profitability of each individual item is very little or nothing. Therefore, these consumers were eventually found not to buy on average once a month. In fact, the intent of this type of company O2O is very good, but because the front-end of marketing has not penetrated into the consumer insights, is it really possible to find the true needs of consumers? Big data research and analysis, you can find the user’s needs is not a description but rather a basis, rather than see the business opportunities jumped in quickly at a fast rate, which would waste a lot of costs.The Core Brand Marketing

Regardless of the brand marketing model, as long as it captures the same uniqueness, for example, BMW’s features are comfortable; Mercedes-Benz’s features are the back seat’s luxury, etc. Even the niche market can make people think of you in that area. The first is success.

Marketing in Big Data Era

In 2012 London Olympics, its main sponsor of footwear is Adidas. However, Adidas in the process of the main sponsorship, because its marketing campaign is not operating or planned well, but Nike has been caught up in the past, Nike did not spend too much money but it is to make everyone more impressed.

So last year, in the 2014 World Cup, Adidas basically did a Jedi counterattack, set up a war room in the world, advertised the most closely with the global advertising company, the best copywriting and best product planning or It is a collection of product ideas that has been set up inside the world. Wargame rooms have been established in major countries around the world, including China, Brazil, and Russia.

What is it doing? In the two teams, they already expected who was the most important star player in each team. The lives of these star players and their beliefs that they value most have already been sorted out by these papers. So when a goal is scored, the most important life, most important beliefs, nutritious and constructive information of these people can be sent to all consumers through WeChat and Weibo. This is just a Social.

But what is big data? That is, they began to monitor, in all Weibo and WeChat. When watching the ball, the names of people who most like to talk about are who they like most, and what they drink most often.

Therefore, through social interaction, through the analysis of data, a high degree of summing up which products are most concerned about product trends, consumer trends, with the most prolific names, names and so on. This is the social data analysis we talked about.

In order to increase ROI (return on investment), it can be found that in fact it is not always necessary to find the most famous star to speak contemporary. For example, there was a “Where is my father going?” The most famous little boy here, I found that when everyone talked a lot, they simply asked him to speak for him. This penetrating power and everyone’s attention to it was the highest. The conversion rate is also the highest.

At the same time, after the analysis and classification through social data, the third step can realize a so-called precision push process, which pushes accurate information into different groups. When measuring its KPI, many companies in the past Instead of measuring its social influence in particular, it starts to measure all of its social influences in addition to the last consumer purchases.

When it comes to social thinking, for example, the first milk powder that most pregnant women produce after their production is basically sent to a new mother through a hospital. When a novice mother is confined after discharge, we find that she has very strong social desires from the point of view of consumer insights. At the same time, she also has a lot of fears. She hopes to get a lot of support for childbirth, so she has a milk powder. The company built a platform called “Mom 100”. This club has a very strong database to assist these new mothers. When a can of milk powder is eaten, when the consumer goes to the mother-and-baby shop to buy milk powder, the maternal and child shop tells him to buy five cans to send a can, so the new mother is turned into their members, and let the members download the APP Afterwards, the consumer novice mother knows other novice mothers who are also in this community. These novice moms can jointly learn parenting knowledge and social thinking together on a social platform, and these novice mothers bought five cans and one can of consumption records all in this social system, and novice mothers can In the process of enjoying social learning and enjoying baby-rearing at home, it can also be bought directly on the Internet through the APP. After the baby is bought, the mother-infant store near her home will receive instructions from the IT system to send it to her.

Businesses do not only achieve marketing results through social thinking, but the shopping guides of each mother-and-baby shop are linked together because of the connection. They can also get sales rebates. At the same time, they can help all mother-and-baby shops learn from each other. Cross-regional learning, and that is to connect all of its sales channels with social networking, so that they interact on this social platform. So you can see that social networking is not just about social interaction with consumers. Social networking can also be social networking between all channels.

 The nature of marketing

A large number of entrepreneurs only pursue terminals and think about how to do activities to promote them, but they neglect to regard these consumers as the front-end, and who are the target consumers in the end. They should divide him into clear categories and which categories are his. The customers with the highest potential should clearly understand that the essence of marketing is that it needs to be able to have insight into consumers and find out what the consumers really are doing. Moreover, they can find the portraits of consumers behind this process of behavior. When you divert online, when consumers come in different pages, you can record his preferences. Corresponding to these preferences, he pushes very precise products, requires consumer insight, and creates value for consumers.

Ms. Wu An Chi, through her own knowledge and understanding of the Internet industry, puts forward five points about the innovation and transformation of marketing methods in the Internet environment:

(1) In the user’s point of view value: To learn to transform the role, from the product-centric 4R to the user-centric.

(2)Customer Insight: The importance of large data research reports should be made clear before the large data research and analysis, you can find that the user’s needs are not described but the basis.

(3) Brand Marketing Core: No matter what brand marketing is a model, as long as the grasp of the same unique.

(4) Marketing in the big Data age: Social thinking, social data analysis is the begotten of marketing.

(5) Unchanged Marketing Essence: The essence of marketing is to sell things to consumers, so to gain insight into consumers and create value for consumers.

Every day there are many new ideas appear, many enterprises and individuals in the Internet before the wave to follow, all want to become the Era unicorn. But new elements and game play are updated every day, and thing sare not going to go according to the booking track.

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